5 Ways to Make Your Rental Property More Appealing

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The term curb appeal has become a bit of a buzzword in the real estate community, and with good reason — you only get one chance to make a first impression, and when you’re trying to sell or rent your property, you want that impression to be a good one.

But curb appeal isn’t the be-all, end-all to renting your property. To attract the best renters, you need more than that.

We’ve compiled a list of our five best ways to make your rental property more appealing.

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Tidy Up

A poorly tended lawn is one of the biggest turn-offs to a potential renter. If you can’t even take care of the yard, how will you take care of your tenants? Before putting up a For Rent sign, make sure the lawn is mowed, shrubs are trimmed, and the flower beds are weeded. Add a potted plant two to the doorstep for an extra homey feel. If the mailbox or address numbers look old or chipped, repaint or replace them. If you hire a landscaping service, schedule applicants to see the apartment the day after the landscapers visit.

Add a Fresh Coat of Paint

It’s always a good idea to repaint between tenants, especially around door frames, where dirty hands can leave the paint permanently discolored. Opt for brighter colors like white, tan, or pale grays to make the rooms feel larger and more appealing, and touch up any spots on the walls where paint has been chipped or scuffed. For a real boost in curb appeal, paint the front door a nice, shiny new color. Red, yellow, navy and eggplant are all attractive options.

Scrub the Floors

Spotless floors are a great way to dramatically increase the visual appeal of your property. Carpets should always be thoroughly cleaned between tenants, especially in units where the previous tenants had pets. If it is worn or badly stained, consider replacing at least part of the carpet. Wood floors should be thoroughly mopped and re-waxed and any broken boards replaced. Tile grout should be given a deep cleaning. If several tiles in one room are broke, consider having the floor redone.

Cue the Lights

Lighting is a huge ally when it comes to selling someone on something — just think of every jewelry store you’ve ever been to. Before showing a property to potential tenants, take a hard look at your light fixtures. Do they provide enough light? Do they look outdated? Updating your lights can be as simple as screwing in different, brighter bulbs or as complicated as completely rewiring your kitchen ceiling. Once your updates are complete, be sure to turn on the lights when you show the property to give tenants the best view possible. And if you’ve added new fixtures, these can be a selling point all on their own.

Alert the Neighbors

Most of us have had that one neighbor whose property is always slightly less cared for than the rest of the block. If your property has particularly untidy neighbors, you can ask them about a week in advance to take a few minutes during the week to clean up before you show your property. The neighborhood surrounding your property is often the first impression your future tenants will have, and if the area is unappealing, chances are your property’s appeal will go down as well.

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