Professional Property Manager in Phoenix – 5 Signs You Need One

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Wondering if you need a professional property manager in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Glendale, or somewhere else in Maricopa County?

Randall Averitte, a property investor in Arizona and owner of Real Property Management Pinnacle, shares the 5 signs that indicate if you need to hire a property manager.


Sign 1: You have multiple rental properties. The more rental properties or units you have the more you benefit from hiring a property manager.

Sign 2: You are not interested in hands on management OR you are burnt out from managing your properties. Some people who enjoy finding good tenants, doing repairs, and keeping the property nice and under watch. Others view their rental property strictly an investment and want someone else to handle the day-to-day management tasks.

Sign 3: You don’t deal with stress very well.  Being a property manager comes with a lot of ups and downs. Simple tasks like collecting rent can cause the most level headed person to stress out when unpredictable problems arise.   Ask yourself how you would handle and react to the following situations with tenants:

  • Tenants get in a fight with other tenants or neighbors
  • They trash your property
  • The HOA is constantly down your throat for violations made by your tenants
  • They sneak in animals or extra people into the house
  • They refuse to pay rent because they are trying to work the legal system at your expense.

You may be surprised by what can happen, so honestly think if you can handle these and even more strange activities.

Sign 4: You aren’t available and on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Unfortunately, leaving town on business or vacation, being sick, or having other crises doesn’t dismiss you of your commitments to the property and tenants. Of course, emergencies don’t happen all the time, but when they do you have to be able to handle them right away even if its 3:00 am.

Sign 5: It makes financial sense to hire a property manager. This one has a few moving parts to thing about.

  • Does it make time sense? Does the time required to manage your properties take away from other things you could be doing? What is the best use of your time? The answer is unique to every person and their circumstances.
  • Will the income from your properties cover the cost of hiring a property management company? Take a look through your income statements to determine if it’s feasible. If it is, then the benefits compound each other in costs and efficiency. A professional property management company like Real Property Management Pinnacle uses cost saving connections and contractors that reduce the cost of repairs and maintenance. Additionally, their thorough annual budget for your property means you have a solid forecast of expenses they stick to.

What is the next step in your decision making process for hiring a property manager?

First, go to Real Property Management Pinnacle and take their quick quiz or call at 602-368-5730 to talk about the process, get questions answered, and see if it’s a right fit.



  • “Had the opportunity to work with Riana most recently after purchasing 2 new properties. As an out-of-state owner who needs to know that my properties will be well taken care of, she was a breath of fresh air! I have worked with other companies and Riana simply stands out - she's very knowledgeable about the business and she's easy to work with. She returned my phone calls promptly and provided all the information needed in an efficient manner. A class act!”

    Chelia A.
  • “RPM Pinnacle manages my condo in Scottsdale. They did a great job finding a qualified tenant. I would recommend them to my friends. Fair management fees.”

    Joan P.
  • “I own several properties in Phoenix and Las Vegas and have gone through my share of property management companies. I am very impressed with Real Property Management Pinnacle. Their professionalism and attention to detail has by far exceeded my expectations. I look forward to a long lasting relationship with them!”

    Barry C.
  • We had a serious water issue in our home that we were renting from Real Property Management Pinnacle. The issue arose late in the day on a Friday and the water had to be shut off to the house. The shut off of the water landed us in a hotel for the weekend until everything was fixed and completed. I must compliment the staff because they worked with me late into the night on Friday until I was settled into the hotel. They gave me updates over the weekend until I was able to move back to my home at the start of the next week. They could have easily blown me off over the weekend, but they did not! I typically do not write reviews, but I was so happy with the service that I received, so I did in this case! Great company and great people!

    Judy Gray
  • As a busy professional, I have been very happy with the customer service I have received from RPM's staff over the last two years. There is always a live person to speak to and my maintenance has always been taken care of promptly.

    Greg Thompson
  • I have been using Real Property Management for a few years now. I won't use anyone else. Randall Averitte provides top-notch service. I never have to wait for him to respond to my calls, no matter what time of day. His staff is amazing, and I enjoy talking to them. They really do care about their clients. 5 star review

    Nancy B.
  • Real Property Management Pinnacle is an outstanding property manager for my rental properties in Phoenix. My tenants are wonderful, and Randall Averitte and his team keep my property looking great. I have such peace of mind with my properties under their care and I highly recommend them to anyone needing a property manager in the Phoenix area.5 star review

    Emily R
  • I had an opportunity to rent from this company on two separate occasions. I was always surprised at the great lengths that the staff would go to in an effort to provide excellent service. I would highly recommend using them to manage your property or rent from them if you are a prospective tenant.5 star review

    Linn L
  • I would highly recommend this company to anyone who's in need of property management. The staff is reachable and helpful at all times. I am glad that I found them from the start of my investment endeavors.5 star review

    Matthew D
  • Kim, who is the lead property manager of this company, is great! She is quite accessible, and if she isn't, I'd get an immediate call-back from her. Her staff is great as well - a good company you can always count on!5 star review

    Ronald A


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