5 Ways to Show Your Tenants You Are Thankful For Them

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With the passing of Halloween and the swift approach of Thanksgiving, it’s time to start thinking of ways to show appreciation to your residents. Though Thanksgiving has not traditionally been a gift-giving holiday, we at RPM Pinnacle think there’s no better way to show your tenants you are thankful for them. Here are some of our best suggestions.

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Snail Mail

The easiest way to show your gratitude for your residents is to send a simple thank you note expressing your appreciation. Choose a festive one that fits the season, not one of the neutral, everyday cards that you would send for any other thank you.

Gift Card

If you have a slightly bigger budget, consider purchasing gift cards from local businesses for your tenants. Coffee shops, movie theaters, or popular restaurants are all safe and commendable choices.

Potted Plant

For a more classic option, give each tenant a seasonal potted plant to display in their home. Chrysanthemums are the most popular choice for fall flowers, as they come in a variety of seasonal colors. For more options in your area, visit your local garden supply.


Sweeten your tenants’ holiday with a batch of festive treats. You can find fall-themed sugar cookies in the shape of leaves or acorns at most local bakeries. Opt for a pumpkin or pecan biscotti for a more traditionally autumnal treat.

Cookie Cutters

When giving edible gifts, there’s always the chance that one of your tenants will be unable to enjoy their gift because of a food allergy. Eliminate this concern by giving a cookie cutter in a seasonal shape. Your tenants will be free to make their preferred recipe, but your gift will still have a place in their holiday festivities.

Month Discount

If you are really really thankful for your tenants, you may want to consider giving them the gift of cheaper rent. A small amount taken off of their rent for the month — $50 or less, else you may find yourself in a financial bind — will likely mean far more to them than any of the other suggestions above.

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Each of the above ideas can also be repurposed or adapted later during the holidays to spread Christmas cheer to your residents.

For more suggestions for holiday property management, or to learn more about the services we offer, give RPM Pinnacle a call at 480-RENTALS.

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