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Rental Property Management: The Right Way

Real Property Management Pinnacle is a leading property management company that provides a comprehensive spectrum of property management services in Phoenix. Experience and expertise are the two basic factors that people look for in a property management company.

Full property management services

Real Property Management Pinnacle offers every property management service you need.

Seamless renter placement

We even guarantee tenant placement.

Find out how much your property will rent for

We can estimate your average rental rate.

Free In-Home consultations

Let us come to you to discuss your options.

We handle all maintenance

Never lift a finger in managing your rental property

We commit to being competitive & affordable

Real Property Management Pinnacle promises our customers that we will be competitive in pricing.

A Full Suite of Property Management Services:

  • Multi-level tenant screening
  • Tenant Guarantee
  • Online Portals
  • 24/7 Emergency Services
  • Periodic Inspections
  • Proven Phoenix Marketing Techniques
  • We Know The Market
  • Investors Love Us

Get A Free Rental Analysis Now

Ready to get started? Contact us today and we’ll build the perfect service package for your needs. With a full suite of property management services, we’re here to help!

Testimonials From Our Clients

  • “Had the opportunity to work with Riana most recently after purchasing 2 new properties. As an out of state owner who needs to know that my properties will be well taken care of..she was a breath of fresh air. I have worked with other companies and Riana stands out…very knowledgeable about the business and easy to work with. She returned my phone calls promptly and provided all the information need in an efficient manner. A class act!”

    Chelia A.
  • “RPM Pinnacle to manages my condo in Scottsdale. They did a great job finding a qualified tenant. Would recommend them to my friends. Fare management fees.”

    Joan P.
  • “I own several properties in Phoenix and Las Vegas and have gone through my share of property management companies. I am very impressed with Real Property Management Pinnacle. Their professionalism and attention to detail has by far exceeded my expectations. I look forward to a long lasting relationship!”

    Barry C.
  • We had a serious water issue in our home that we were renting from Real Property Management Pinnacle. The issue arose late in the day on a Friday and the water had to be shut off to the house. The shut off of the water landed us in a hotel for the weekend until everything was fixed and completed. I must compliment the staff because they worked with me late into the night on Friday until I was settled into hotel. They gave me updates over the weekend until I was able to move back into the home at the start of the next week. They could have easily blown me off over the weekend but they did not! I typically do not write reviews, but I was so happy with the service that I received, I did in this case! Great company and great people!

    Judy Gray
  • As a busy professional I have been very happy with the customer service I have received from RPM's staff over the last two years. There is always a live person to speak to and my maintenance has always been promptly taken care of.

    Greg Thompson
  • I have been using Real Property Management for a few years now. I won't use anyone else. Randall Averitte provides top notch service. I never have to wait for him to respond to my calls, no matter what time of day. His staff is amazing and I enjoy talking to them. They really do care about their clients. 5 star review

    Nancy B.
  • Real Property Management Pinnacle is an outstanding property manager for my rental properties in Phoenix. My tenants are wonderful and Randall Averitte and his team keep my property looking great. I have such peace of mind with my properties under their care and highly recommend them to anyone needing a property manager in the Phoenix area.5 star review

    Emily R
  • I had an opportunity to rent from this company on two separate occasions. I was always surprised at the great lengths that the staff would go to in an effort to provide excellent service. I would highly recommend using them to manage your property or rent from them if you are a prospective tenant.5 star review

    Linn L
  • I would highly recommend this company to anyone in need of property management. The staff is reachable and helpful at all times. I am glad I found them from the start of investment endeavors.5 star review

    Matthew D
  • Kim, who is the lead property manager at this company is great! She is very accesible and if she isnt I get a call right back. Her staff is good as well- good company you can count on for sure.5 star review

    Ronald A
  • RPM has been great. I'm most impressed with their ability to get me top dollar and high quality tenants. I was always paid on time they handled as much or as little as I asked them to. I highly recommend them.5 star review

    Chris A
  • Prior to picking a management company to manage my property, I called several of them several different times. All of the companies with the exception of this one had phone trees. I prefer to speak with a live person and that is what I got every time that I called them, so that is who I chose. The first impression was accurate because they do an excellent job.5 star review

    Karl R
  • My experience has been great with RPM. As an owner, they did exactly what I needed to help with my property. Will do business with them again!5 star review

    Dustin H
  • I have never felt as at home as I did with Real Property services. They set things up before I got there and made me feel welcome! I walked into a well lit warm environment with things clean , fresh smelling and an inviting atmosphere! Thank you Real Property Management!5 star review

    Bobbie A
  • When we moved to Phoenix temporarily, RPM helped us find a great place. We were extremely please with the rental. Everything was well kept up and nicely decorated. I would recommend RMP to friends as well as business partners. 5 star review

    Michelle L
  • Can't say enough about the RPM Pinnacle staff! My job transferred me to Oregon and I needed to put my house up for rent very quickly. Contacting them was the best thing I could have done. They were able to get a good tenant in quickly. The fees are very reasonable and it is good to know my property is being taken care. I would recommend them to anyone looking to rent their property with piece of mind.5 star review

    James D
  • This management company has exceeded all of our expectations every time we have stayed in a vacation rental. Service is top notch very nice to know that they are there for you at all times! I have recommend this Company to all of our friends and family.

    Brett H
  • Professional and courteous. Definitely proved they were on our side when our landlord came into our home with no notice not once but twice! Thanks guys! 5 star review

    Lisa G
  • They managed my property in Scottsdale for 4 years. I found them to be very knowledgeable and helpful. I would have no reservations in recommending them to other property owners looking for management services. 5 star review

    Mark M
  • I love the personal touch that I get with Real Property Management Pinnacle!! The staff is over the top helpful and so willing to meet my needs. Highly recommend their service! 5 star review

    David S
  • We had a serious water issue in our home that we were renting from Real Property Management Pinnacle. The issue arose late in the day on a Friday and the water had to be shut off to the house. The shut off of the water landed us in a hotel for the weekend until everything was fixed and completed. I must compliment the staff because they worked with me late into the night on Friday until i was settled into hotel. They gave me updates over the weekend until i was able to move back into the home at the start of the next week. They could have easily blown me off over the weekend but they did not! i typically do not write reviews, but i was so happy with the service that i received, I did in this case! Great company and great people! 5 star review

    Sheila M
  • I could not be any happier! Everything has been handled with professionalism and the care that one would expect. I have recommended to two friends and a family member and would not hesitate to continue to do so. If you are looking for a property management company with expertise, timeliness and professional then look no further. 5 star review

    Randy T
  • Our company works with RPM Pinnacle on a weekly basis - the staff at RPM is awesome! We always get information in a timely manner, and the tenants at their properties rave about how happy they are with the service provided by RPM. RPM is a genuine, reliable property management company, that goes above and beyond to take care of their clients, vendors and residents. Thank You, RPM Pinnacle!5 star review

    Jamie W
  • The entire team here does a amazing job. As a investor with many properties and other businesses i manage, it is great to not have to worry about managing my rentals. They are very responsive and knowledgeable, and have made things very easy on me so i can focus my time and energy other places. 5 star review

    Loren H
  • Simply the best! I have partnered with this company for almost a decade, and they have taken great care of my clients. Being a real estate broker for over 24 years I I know how important it is to have a good property management company. This is the only property management company I trust to refer my clients to. 5 star review

    Tomyal E
  • RPM is one of our clients. After working with a client for awhile you can tell if they run their business well. There is no question that they do. With us they are responsive, professional and have demonstrated that they clearly understand the needs of their property owners and tenants.. 5 star review

    Steve W
  • I am a Realtor who works with this company, and have for over 5 years now. I refer my investor clients to them who want their property professionally managed. I have yet to have a client come back to me unhappy. Many clients have called me to rave about their experience, and thank me for the referral. Just wanted to recognize a job well done. Way to go RPM Pinnacle! 5 star review

    David M
  • My husband and I were moving from Phoenix back east after he completed his residency. We needed to move rather quickly so he could start a new job. I know I want to return to Arizona, so I asked my realtor for a good property management company. My agent gave me RPM Pinnacle and they have been excellent. They quickly rented our house and send me updates on a regular basis, which really give me piece of mind. I would highly recommend them to anyone in need of a good property management company.5 star review

    M Butler
  • RPM Pinnacle has been managing our rental property since March 2015 and we love them! We were managing this property on our own and used to receive calls from tenant all the time, but not anymore! They take care of HOA violations, repairs, collecting rent, sales tax... Everything to do with this property. We can't thank them enough! Thank you RPM Pinnacle!!5 star review

    Huroko T
  • RPM manages our rental, they took care of everything from finding the renters to making sure the rental was ready. They respond quickly to clients and keep us informed. Look forward to do more work with them!5 star review

    Casey B
  • This company will take all the headaches in property management,you can just sit back and relax and know that they will take care of your property,they will handle everything from background checks to maintenance,very good compay,I highly recommend rpm to handle all your management needs.5 star review

    Mike B
  • As a Realtor, I refer all my investor clients who are looking for their property to be managed professionally to RPM Pinnacle Phoenix. RPM Pinnacle Phoenix goes above and beyond for their clients and their tenants. I have never had a client come back to me unhappy.5 star review

    Hillary K
  • I used this company to help me find my first home and they were terrific! I would highly recommend this team of skilled professionals. They were extremely knowledgeable, helpful, and timely.5 star review

    Brooke W
  • My experience with this company has been terrific. They are professional, responsive and exceptionally knowledgeable about the market. Because of their recommendations on what to invest in and what not to (regarding the rehab of the property) as well as their guidance on how to price....we had a tenant in less than a week. I only wish this team was in the other city where we have another rental.5 star review

    Marc P
  • I have been working with this company for years, They are very professional and have always done a fantastic job for me. Highly recommend Real Property Management Pinnacle!!!!5 star review

    Robyn H
  • Thank you very much for such wonderful service! It is refreshing to deal with such great people! We have done business with them for several years....Always a pleasure!5 star review

    Pierson B
  • I have worked with RPM Pinnacle for a number of years and they have consistently provided fantastic service. Both owners and tenants can be assured of prompt, professional service every time.5 star review

    Jessica P
  • I love the idea of basically “ordering tenants” and everything else that goes along with renting out a property. Doing business with RPM Pinnacle is like ordering “Stress Relief”. They keep the renters satisfied the homeowners happy.5 star review

    Jim B
  • RPM Pinnacle not only does excellent at managing properties, but they are also conscious about every tenants needs. Working with Denise has been a pleasure, she is the most passionate, determined and hard-working manager I have worked with. Denise is always trying her best on looking up for the properties so that they are in great condition. 5 star review

    Abel A
  • I recently moved to Phoenix and rpm pinnacle has been awesome to work with. They quickly found me the perfect place, it was clean and ready when I got here. There staff has been friendly and super helpful !!! Thx RPM! 5 star review

    Mark T
  • As a busy professional I have been very happy with the customer service I have received from RPM's staff over the last two years. There is always a live person to speak to and my maintenance has always been promptly taken care of.5 star review

    Greg T
  • I have rented houses from other property management companies in the past 8 years. This company was by far the best! They responded fast to my emails and resolved my maintenance issues. I’ll definitely rent from them again. 5 star review

    Raphael X
  • Reached out to RPM for a quote and professional advice regarding the property. I must say I was amazed at the amount of time they committed to me while I was going through the due diligence phase of this purchase. They made several trips to the property on my behalf, ran rental comps, answered a laundry list of questions that i had, and all at no charge. 5 star review

    Evelyn M
  • I have used RPM to rent our condo in Scottsdale since April 2011 and have had great success with the tenants. For the first three years it was easier to rent, unfurnished, due to the location close to Old Town Scottsdale but this year we thought it would be difficult to rent on a long term basis as we had furnished the place and still wanted to use it for three months ourselves in the early part of 2016. RPM came through again and showed how proficient and professional they are. I would recommend them to anyone considering renting their valuable property.5 star review

    Robin C
  • I am a real estate agent who works with a large number of investors. I prefer not to manage properties at all. Several years ago I started looking for a company that I could refer my investors to moving forward. My broker at the time recommended RPM and I gave them a try. They have been great to work with , and I consider them to be an integral part of my investment team. I am happy that I found them and really enjoy working with this company. 5 star review

    Doris R
  • Great staff, Great properties, and very attentive to my needs! I give this company an A++++++! Not like other property management companies in the valley- they truly care....more companies should handle their customers as Real Property Mgt company does! Definitely would recommend to anyone! 5 star review

    J.S. Professional Plumbing, LLC
  • I've been leasing from RPM Pinnacle for over 4 years. Since I moved to north Phoenix from Ohio, I've only used one property management company. The properties are upscale, well maintained, but the pricing is appropriate. RPM Pinnacle agents have been quick to respond and within a fair amount of time, my place is back to normal. I've never had any issues with the maintenance crew. I'm a happy, satisfied Customer and when I do move, I will be looking at RPM Pinnacle properties ONLY. 5 star review

    Khary G
  • These guys came highly recommended from a friend of mine who uses them. I was with another company and the service was bad so I needed to change. Compared to the company that I was with, this organization is awesome! I am so glad that I made change. Their communication is awesome and they did a good job of cleaning up the mess that the other company had created. Highly recommend!5 star review

    Lisa A
  • We have rented from this company for about a year now and the service is great and we love the house. Any problem comes up and they have been quick to respond. We will need a larger home at some point and I plan to stay with them provided that they have a home that meets our criteria because this company really knows what they are doing. I have rented from other property management and this company is much better than the others I have rented.5 star review

    Kate V
  • I started using Real Property Management Pinnacle after the company I was using went out of business. I was very hesitant to use a manager again but since I don’t live in state I really didn’t have a choice. From the beginning I was very impressed with their communication and professionalism. I like that I always get a live person when I call the office. I would highly recommend them as a property management company.5 star review

    Howard R

The Trusted Leader In Phoenix Property Management

Real Property Management Pinnacle provides a comprehensive spectrum of professional property management services. Operating out of 200+ offices based across the US, we currently manage 25,000+ properties and are placed among the most trusted providers of property management services in the country at Real Property Management Pinnacle, we understand that different types of properties have different maintenance needs. Therefore, we offer an array of services to suit diverse requirements.

Ready to learn more?

Ready to get started? Contact us today and we’ll build the perfect service package for your needs. With a full suite of property management services, we’re here to help!

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