5 Tips to Help Protect Your Rental Property During Monsoon Season

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Monsoon season is upon us and we’ve already experienced a few heavy dust and rainstorms this year. While many residents in the metro Phoenix area welcome the moisture and cooler weather that a monsoon storm can bring, rental property owners in the area also have to think about the damage that these storms can cause on their properties.

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Here are 5 tips that can help you feel more prepared and more protected during monsoon season:

1. Inspect the Roof

There are several ways that a monsoon storm can cause damage to a rental property, but if there are problems with the roof, you could be looking at flooding. Be sure to have your roof inspected every once in a while to look for damage and to do any necessary preventative maintenance. This will help you avoid leaks and flooding that can lead to thousands of dollars of repairs.

2. Look at Trees and Branches

Monsoon storms are often accompanied with heavy winds that can easily blow trees over or dislodge loose branches. Be sure you take a look at the trees, tall bushes and any other landscaping that might cause trouble in a heavy dust storm. You may want to have a professional landscaper take a look and identify any potential problems.

3. Check Pool Pumps

When a storm hits, it can often blow all sorts of debris into a swimming pool. Leaves, dirt and even trash that gets blown into a pool can cause problems if it overloads your pool cleaning system. If you own a rental property that has a pool, be sure that the pumps and other working parts of the cleaning system are in good working order. A pool that is need of maintenance can get much worse very quickly after a monsoon storm.

4. Test Windows and Doors

Water can easily enter your rental property if the windows or doors have cracks, drafts or bad seals. This is definitely more of a concern with older homes. To prevent water from entering your home during a monsoon storm, make sure you inspect all windows and doors for any issues. It may be time for some new seals or door jams to help protect your home.

5. Require Renters Insurance

It should be standard policy that your tenants have adequate renters insurance if they are going to rent from you. Even if they do, you should have your own insurance as well. This helps give you, the property owner, peace of mind that possessions and property are protected should they be damaged in a monsoon storm.

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