8 Features Your Luxury Vacation Rental in Phoenix Needs For High End Travelers

If you own a luxury vacation rental in Phoenix or Scottsdale, there are a few things that you can inexpensively include.

This ensures your guests have a great experience and are happy to shell out the extra money for your property.

According to a review of the luxury vacation rental market in Phoenix, these are the tops things you can do that give you great bang for your buck.

  1. Fast Wifi

Fast wifi is at the top of the list for vacation rentals.  Have you ever been to a hotel and they limit the internet so you can barely load a website?   Invest in good bandwidth and your guest with thank you with positive reviews.

  1. Smart Devices

Ditch the VCR’s and upgrade your system to streaming media devices so they can watch their own shows.  Throw in a BlueRay player and a high definition TV and you are golden.

  1. Make your vacation rental Instagram worthy

You may not be into it, but people love bragging on social media.  No surprise there, right?  Make sure your décor is set up with Instagram in mind.  If that means hiring someone to make sure your house impresses, the cost will quickly be recouped by in increase in reservations.

  1. Fun and Games

Stock your luxury vacation rental in Phoenix with classic board games as well as some of the newer favorites.  This way you appeal to younger families and older guests with games like Chutes and Ladders and Monopoly as well as Words Against Humanity.

  1. Stocked Kitchen

High end guests expect a high-end kitchen.  Spend a bit of money and invest in good knives, a blender, and quality pots and pans.  Stocking the kitchen with your personal discards will not impress.

  1. Upgraded sound system

Considering you already have a house worthy of being called a luxury vacation rental, you might already have the sound hook up.  But if not, make sure to upgrade your sound system with Bluetooth speakers.

  1. Great coffee is king

Yes, a coffee maker does the job, but if you want to set your Phoenix luxury vacation rental apart from the others include a French press or Aeropress, which are incredibly affordable.  Or you can go all out with an expresso machine.

  1. Give your guests adult toys 

Do you have a pool?  Include fun, adult sized pool floats.  Are you near a tennis court?  Include tennis rackets. The adult toys may not get used every time, but it leaves a great impression your guests will remember.

If you stock your house with modern conveniences, your luxury vacation rental will get more reservations than other, less updated properties.   Plus, if done right, your guests will do a lot of the marketing for you!

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